MathTango is a groundbreaking app that makes learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division truly fun for kids aged 5-10!

Kids will learn more and learn faster with a unique, classroom-tested combination of math puzzles (incorporating modern techniques that make math easier and more intuitive) and classic “world-building” activities found in games.

Kids will progress through dozens of math lessons as they earn monsters, complete missions, build out their own unique worlds, and discover even more fun and surprises along the way. While they’re having great fun, you’ll know they’re learning!

Some additional details on the app:

  • Kids will play 500+ addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division puzzles covering 40+ math levels and reviews, followed by a free play mode with more math puzzles for lesson reinforcement and advanced play.
  • Lesson plan wizard generates a customized, age-appropriate curriculum for every user.
  • Common Core based curriculum that dynamically adapts so a child advances only when they have mastered the current lesson.
  • Addition and subtraction lessons include 9 unique puzzle types that cover: numbers and counting, adding single digit numbers; adding doubles; adding near doubles; making 10 to add 9; subtracting single digit numbers, and subtracting single digit numbers from double digit numbers.
  • Multiplication and division lessons include 7 different puzzle types that cover multiplying with factors of 0 through 10 and dividing by 1 through 10.
  • Gameplay is structured around two worlds (Island and Starbase). Each world involves an ever growing number of missions that must be completed to earn unique characters and dozens of in-game items to customize the worlds.
  • Designed and developed for children of ages 5-10+.
  • Learn on the go. You can fully enjoy the entire app even when the device is offline.
  • Multiple user profiles on each device allow the entire family to learn at their own pace.
  • MathTango is a completely original app conceived, developed, and tested by a passionate team of 5 parents at Originator.
Children's Technology Review National Parenting Product Awards Creative Child Magazine
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